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Building and Pest Inspections from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

Building inspector ready to perform a building and pest inspection

Building Inspection Services Queensland (BISQ) is your Independent Building Inspection Service for all of your  Residential Building and Pest Inspections, Commercial Building and Pest Inspections and Industrial Building and Pest Inspections.  Our inspection services include - Building Pre-Handover / Practical Completion Inspections, New House & Land Package Inspections, Prepurchase Building & Pest Inspections, Building Defects Inspections, Frame Inspections, Lock-up Inspections, Slab Inspections, Footing Inspections, End of Builders Building Warranty Inspections, General Building Inspections, Building Maintenance Inspections, Building Maintenance Planning, and Building Dilapidation Inspections and Reports. Our services extend right across the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Regions.

All of our building and pest inspections are executed and delivered to a professional standard by our fully independent, licensed and fully insured building and pest inspector.  Our inspector is a licensed builder, is fully qualified, is a highly experienced building and pest inspector and is equipped with the latest tools, including thermal imaging, moisture metering equipment, borer scope, Termatrac termite detector radar and more, at NO additional cost to our customers. 

"With over 40 years of experience in - Building Construction, Project Management, Building Maintenance, Queensland Government Building Surveyor completing more than 40,000 building inspections in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast Regions, you can be confident that our building and pest inspector is well qualified to provide you with expert information and peace of mind when you are buying or building your home"

We are fully licensed and insured (QBCC Act Lic no: 887712). Always ensure your individual inspector is suitably qualified, and appropriately licensed and insured. License check:​

Our Building and Pest Inspection service extends from Brisbane to Sunshine.  See if your area is covered.  Why not call usemail us or Request a Quote

Inspections Available to you:

Prepurchase Building Inspection / Building & Pest Inspection:   Building inspections identify deficiencies in new building work and in existing buildings.  Our building inspector identifies these deficiencies and establishes with you the overall condition of the building and provides you with a clearly written report.  More Information

Timber Pest Inspection: Designed to check in detail, and alert you to any evidence of the presence of timber pests that may be in and around your property.  Our pest inspector is a fully qualified and experienced pest management technician and is registered with Queensland Department of Health and fully Licensed with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission - QBCC.  More information.

Pre-Handover Inspection / Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) / Stage Inspection:  Pre handover / Practical Completion Inspections are carried out to ensure any defects and incomplete works are recorded and reported prior to builder's handover.  Our inspector conducts a comprehensive assessment of all accessible areas of the property at practical completion noting defects, errors, omissions, deficiencies or incomplete works, including termite protection barriers.  Stage inspections can include - Footing Inspections, Slab Inspections, Frame Inspections, Lock-up Inspections and Practical Completion / Handover Inspections. More information.

End of 12 Month Building Warranty Inspections:  Our Building Inspector provides a detailed 6 or 12 month builder's defect liability period statutory warranty inspection where we report on any non-structural defects that are evident.

End of 6.5 Year Building Warranty Inspections:  Our Building Inspector provides a detailed end of 6.5 year builder's statutory building warranty inspection where we report on any structural defects that are evident in the 12 month period leading up to the end of the warranty.  More information

Special Purpose Building Inspection:  For a variety of inspections which may include building renovations, maintenance or repairs, retaining walls, balconies, and or any other defects or issues that may be of concern.  More information.

Building Dilapidation Inspection & Report:  Dilapidation reports are records of the condition of an existing property prior to the commencement of adjoining development construction works.  More information.

Building Maintenance Inspection & Report:  Building Inspection Services Queensland develop a sustainable maintenance plan to safeguard the value of your building asset in the most cost effective way to keep the building in the best condition.  More information.

Arranging for an expert Building Inspector or Building and Pest Inspector to carryout your inspection with us is easy.

  1. Contact us by phone on 0403 143 327,  email us or Request a Quote.
  2. We will take care of property access arrangements with your agent or builder.  Our Building and Pest Inspector encourages you to come along to the inspection.  
  3. We will email you a comprehensive easy to read same day report, which includes free expert information on property upkeep.
  4. Our inspection reports are customised and individually written for the property inspected.  Our reports are not automatically generated in a tick box format, or other form of auto generated selective wording.  Our inspection details are comprehensively recorded and reported by the inspector in a user friendly easily understood inspection report.
  5. Inspections are carried out in accordance with: AS 4349.0-2007 "Inspections of Buildings Part 0 General Requirements", AS 4349.1-2007 "Inspections of Buildings Part 1 Pre-purchase Inspections Residential Buildings", and AS 4349.3-1998 "Inspections of Buildings Timber Pest Inspections".

All of our inspections are subject to a pre-inspection agreement.