Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging and Building Diagnostics

Building Inspection Services Queensland provides thermal imaging services carried out by professional building and timber pest inspectors. Thermal Imaging Cameras are used by our Inspectors to identifying energy loss caused by missing or defective insulation, moisture penetration and possible termite risk areas that may require further inspection.

Thermal Imaging Cameras are an effective tool to assist operators to quickly and easily identify possible termite risk areas that may require further inspection.  Thermal imaging (sometimes known as infrared) energy is light that is not visible to the eye.  Thermal imaging technology detects patterns of differential heat radiation of visible target objects, allowing operators the measure thermal energy emitted from targeted building elements.  

Whilst a thermal imaging camera can certainly assist an inspector to identify and locate termite risk areas and possible problems, additional means for a successful inspection require the inspector to be qualified, licensed, experienced and diligent.   Operators should be well conversed and trained in the use and interpretation of screen data presented.

In addition to Thermal Imaging Cameras, Building Inspection Services Queensland continue to use traditional tools such as the moisture meters and tappers, as these tools remain crucial in identifying areas that may be harbouring or are conducive to termite activity.

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