Building Inspections

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The purpose of a building inspection is to identify deficiencies in new building work and in existing buildings. As a building inspection business, it is our job to identify these deficiencies and establish with you the overall condition and provide you a clearly written report. We will also include an overall summary on the building’s quality of workmanship and building standard.

Building inspections are especially important for prospective home buyers and for those who are having a building constructed, as you would want to know the quality of the building structure and finishes for which you will be committing yourself.  We operate as a fully independent building inspection firm with very experienced building inspectors, with over 40 years of experience within the building and construction industry, so that you can be assured to be in safe hands.  

Our Inspectors are members of the "Queensland Master Builders Association", "Institute of Building Consultants" and "Timber Queensland", and are fully licensed with the "Queensland Building Construction Commission - QBCC", as "Licensed Builder", "Licensed Building Inspector", "Licensed Pest Control and Termite Management Technicians", giving you the best choice and access to fully Independent, Qualified and Licensed Building and Pest Inspectors.

During our inspections a variety of tools or equipment to further investigate deficiencies may be utilised, including: testing for moisture, gauge meters, probing, pressure, acoustic tapping, measurement, levels, thermal imaging, Termatrac Radar Scanner, etc.  All of our building inspections comply with Australian Standard AS 4349. 1-2007.

It is our opinion that a commitment to purchase an existing building should be conditional upon a qualified inspection, which is satisfactory to you.  A similar commitment is recommended for new construction where it is our opinion to have all stages inspected by a qualified inspector.  Recommended stage inspections, include - Footing Inspection (prior to pouring concrete), Slab Inspection (prior to pouring concrete), Frame Inspection (at frame completion stage), and Handover Inspection (at completion stage, prior to handover by builder).

The following areas are inspected as standard:

  1. The property within the boundary up to 30.0m from the main building
  2. The roof exterior
  3. The exterior of the building
  4. The sub-floor space
  5. The interior of the building
  6. The roof space

The purpose of a timber pest inspection is to provide a visual examination of all accessible areas of the property to advise a prospective purchaser or other interested party, as per Australian Standard AS 4349.3-1998.  The examination focusing for the following:

  1. Evidence of the presence of timber pests identifying common name, genus, location of activity or damage, and a general description of the severity of the damage, for as far as practicable and accessible
  2. Evidence of inactive timber pests
  3. Evidence of existing treatment for timber pests
  4. Conditions which may be conducive to timber pests
  5. Visual evidence of damaged caused by timber pests
  6. Evidence of subterranean termite nests found within the property boundaries up to a maximum distance of 50 m from the main building

Key Benefits

  • Fully independent inspections carried out by highly qualified, licensed and experienced building and timber pest professionals, we work for you!
  • Building & Pest inspections through one firm
  • E-mailed reports with 24hrs turnaround
  • Our reports are detailed and customer focused
  • Our inspectors are fully equipped with the latest tools including thermal imaging equipment
  • We place significant emphasis on clarity to ensure reports are user friendly, easily understood, and are on an exception basis, allowing you to make informed decisions.  Electronically generated check box reports are unacceptable to us
  • Our reports are customised and written specifically to reflect the property condition at hand
  • We provide recommended solutions or actions for building issues or defects identified at the time of the inspection, whenever practicable

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All of our inspections are subject to a pre-inspection agreement.