Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Plans, pencil, and calculator

Astute and well conversed property owners, investors, housing agencies and the like would generally be committed to an asset management plan as part of property their portfolio, in terms of:

  • The physical condition of the asset (established through physical inspections measured to a desired and safe standard)
  • The functionality of the asset (how suitable is the asset, accessibility and user satisfaction)
  • The ongoing use and suitability of the asset (efficient use of the asset, floor space, intensity of use)
  • Financial performance of the asset (cost of operating the asset)

For the committed and informed property investor, we provide asset management services in the form of property condition assessments and maintenance planning.  These services are a critical component to an overall asset management plan, and would benefit property owners and investors, including: Body corporate, property investors, housing co-ops, Government and private housing agencies, and home owners.

When planning maintenance for a building asset the following points should be considered by the asset or property portfolio manager:

  • The current condition and functional performance of the building
  • The operational requirements and criticality of the building to be serviced
  • The current maintenance program and outstanding maintenance
  • The long term capital investment, refurbishment and disposal
  • The standard to which a building is to be maintained

We can provide you with property and building condition maintenance assessments with detailed reporting based on condition rating (status), condition impact (criticality), and condition priority (urgency).  Maintenance data is then grouped into two main categories, Planned Maintenance with three subcategories - Preventative Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance, Statutory Maintenance, and Unplanned Maintenance with two subcategories – Breakdown Maintenance, Incident Maintenance.  

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